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Royalty Free Music

To make it easier to find the right music for your project, we have arranged our music library into easy to navigate categories which contain themed collections ready for instant use in all media. From festive Christmas songs and spooky music for Halloween to Children's music with plenty of comedy tracks and child-like melodies perfect for funny sketches and silly on-line video clips. Our stock music library is constantly updated with fresh material ready for use in computer games, web sites, television advertising, film production, radio shows, mobile apps and commercial DVD productions.

  • Acoustic Instruments

    Acoustic Instruments We have an amazing collection of acoustic music beautifully played by professionally trained musicians who specialise in production music for television and background music for YouTube videos. This is the best collection of royalty free music composed for orchestra and solo instruments including the piano and acoustic guitar.

  • Ambient

    Ambient Ambient music is a style developed in the UK in the 70s and 80s with experimental synthesizers creating a spaced out atmosphere. Our royalty free ambient music can be used to promote a sense of well-being and a relaxing environment ideal background music for yoga, health spas, meditation and hypnotherapy sessions. The soothing sounds of this ambient and new age music are also perfect for chill out zones, lounges and great for music on-hold.

  • Ballroom

    Ballroom Ballroom dance is a term for a set of dances with a partner. We have a whole range of ballroom styles including the Waltz, Tango, Bossa Nova, Cha-cha-cha and other Latin styles like Mambo, Rumba and Samba. All our music is Royalty free and ready for use as background music in YouTube videos, television and film.

  • Childrens Music

    Childrens Music This is production music for children and comedy situations. Simple music for baby's learning toys and software for children, fun music for cartoon animators, filmmakers and funny music for silent films and joke scenes. This is music to make you laugh, a library of comedy music for comical sketches, funny music for YouTube videos and nursery rhymes for children's educational projects. These humorous royalty free tunes will cheer up any production and put a smile on your face.

  • Chillout Lounge

    Chillout Lounge Chill out lounge and easy listening royalty free music for relaxation. These mellow tracks are great for creating a chilled atmosphere in a business premises, restaurant, chillout lounge or a retail environment like a shopping mall. This relaxing lounge music will set the mood and create a laid back atmosphere to keep your guests chilled out and cool.

  • Christmas Music

    Christmas Music This royalty free Christmas music collection is perfect for shopping malls, retail stores, on-hold systems, waiting rooms and lounges. These Xmas classics are played with a jazzy lounge feel perfect for round the fire in a public bar. The ideal Christmas video presentation music or corporate CD productions during the winter holiday season. This is a great collection of traditional Christmas music and fun Christmas music full tracks cleared for use in YouTube videos and countless commercial and non commercial projects. Spice up your production with this festive selection of tracks.

  • Corporate Presentation

    Corporate Presentation High energy powerful background music for corporate presentation focusing on positive drive, team building and commitment. These inspiring tracks are ideal for Power Point presentations, on-line Web casts, business seminars and motivational videos at business meetings. Great for All types of multimedia, news specials, training videos and business documentaries. Build strength within your company and give your team a moral boost with this inspirational corporate music perfect for confidence building seminars and motivational speeches.

  • Country Folk

    Country Folk We have many traditional styles of folk music from Irish folk music and Gypsy Jazz to Dixieland, Ragtime, Blues and American folk music, hill-billy and Country music, we have authentic folk and country sounds like the Dobro Slide Guitar, Irish fiddles and Bluegrass instruments like the Banjo. Our Country and folk music is great for hot dusty TV commercials and travel documentaries and perfect for filmmakers working on videos featuring cowboys, the wild west, hillbillies and line dancing. Yeehaa!!! This is royalty free country and folk music from all around the world.

  • Crime Thriller Spy

    Crime Thriller Spy Crime, thriller and spy is production music for action movies with car chase scenes, solving crime, undercover spies and cop shows. These tracks are perfect for police procedural and suspense scenes with secret agent plots, murder case investigation and James Bond style spy films. Sleazy 70s style funky music for filmmakers and game developers.

  • Dance Music

    Dance Music The Dance music we know today was born from the disco craze in the late 1970s. We have Royalty free Dance music for YouTube videos and underground music for film and TV productions about night clubs or street and urban scenes. Our House music, Garage, Drum and Bass and Trance styles are ready to use as background music for a party and dance floor scene in a film and also great for a soundtrack in videos about dance choreography or fashion and hair shows.

  • Documentary Music

    Documentary Music We have a huge collection of music for TV documentaries about historical battles and war, nature documentaries, epic soundtracks for intrepid explorers and background music for science and educational programmes.

  • Epic Movie

    Epic Movie Our Epic Movie library is packed full of great Royalty free music for film and TV that will give any production the WOW factor. This is professionally scored music for broadcast with lush full score orchestral arrangement with a real full orchestra feel. These epic movie soundtracks are powerful and full of energy with a real cinematic feel. Epic production music and incidental music to enhance videos and film projects requiring a dynamic soundtrack or epic film score.

  • Experimental Music

    Experimental Music Filmmakers will love this collection of experimental production music with its quirky moods and innovative use of instruments. A collection of avaunt-garde music perfect for use in contemporary dance or abstract film productions. Also available in this category are unique compositions using a strange mix of trip hop, progressive music, jazz and classical styles.

  • Futuristic

    Futuristic This is production music of the future. These ultramodern and futuristic music tracks are ahead of their time with heavy design and technology influences and an innovative and revolutionary approach to writing music for the future. Perfect Hi-Tech music for robotics videos, automated production line documentaries and avaunt-garde computer presentations.

  • Hip Hop RnB

    Hip Hop RnB Hip hop and contemporary R&B heavy slow beats and deep bass lines make your head nod to these moody Royalty free RnB and Hip hop tracks. Great background music for custom car videos or for street and urban scenes in movies.

  • Holiday Travel

    Holiday Travel Holiday and Travel is the essential collection of promotional music for the travel industry. Whatever the holiday destination may be from the planes of the Serengeti to the restaurants of Paris to the sunny beaches of Jamaica, these timeless music tracks will set the mood and enhance any promotional advertisement, video presentation or television commercial for holiday destinations all over the world.

  • Horror Music

    Horror Music This is Horror and Suspense music a collection of haunting and eerie stock music for Halloween, horror films, Sci-Fi, mystery and suspense productions. These spine-chilling soundscapes and will give your project the ghostly creepy feel it needs. Great atmospheric soundtrack for a haunted house or spooky sound effects and moody dark bass lines for a grave yard scene or dark tomb.

  • Industrial

    Industrial This is heavy industrial Royalty free music with robotic production line and heavy machinery sound effects perfect for futuristic film productions and game development. This is futuristic electronica and electro techno music great for Hi-Tech corporate presentations, fast paced action computer games and educational technology programs.

  • Jazz

    Jazz Jazz styles including Trad jazz, Dixieland, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz and Jazz Funk Fusion. Royalty Free Jazz played with a live ensemble of acoustic instruments including Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar with brush drum kit and upright bass played by live bands. There are countless styles with different moods and flavours to suit every situation from relaxing jazz for a shop to jazz for music on-hold systems. We have mellow lounge music for playing in clubs or bars, jazz for shopping environments and cool dinner jazz perfect background music for a restaurant or a romantic dinner scene in a film. We also have other flavours from mellow cool Jazz to fast paced 20's Charleston and happy Traditional Jazz perfect for a stroll in the park on a sunny day.

  • Lifestyle Luxury

    Lifestyle Luxury Luxury and Lifestyle is selling music with a class of it's own. Indulge yourself in this rich collection of post production music for television ads to enhance images of wealth, luxury products and quality produce. Great background music for shots on a millionaire's yacht or a documentary about a luxurious 7 star hotel in Dubai or famous pop stars lifestyle with fast cars, stylish clothes and expensive jewellery and bling.

  • Love Romance

    Love Romance Love and Romance is romantic music for valentines day, love scenes on television or a candle lit dinner in a restaurant with soothing Valentines music for lovers playing in the background. This is the perfect accompaniment to a wedding video or for wedding photographers when making slide shows. These romantic tracks are not only for love and romance projects, it is also great music for shopping malls, waiting rooms and music-on-hold systems. Alluring and sensual music for dating agencies and on-line chat rooms for people looking to meet a partner.

  • Pop Mainstream

    Pop Mainstream Our Pop and Mainstream music library covers many styles of pop music from Disco and Funk to Mainstream Pop music and the 80s. All our royalty free music is instantly available for affordable licensing without the high cost of commercial music licensing. These lively dance music tracks are great for disco and night club scenes and funky disco music for party videos and slideshows.

  • Rock Metal Grunge

    Rock Metal Grunge Rock music has such a broad range of styles literally from soft rock to hard grunge and from heavy metal to pop rock we have them all. We have the best Heavy Metal Grunge with hard rock drums, bass and heavy distorted electric guitars makes this music perfect for extreme videos on YouTube and background music for action and racing games. We also have plenty of softer rock tunes, light rock and power ballads better suited to filmmaking and television production.

  • Sentimental Emotional

    Sentimental Emotional Sentimental and Emotional music for filmmakers. These powerful tracks are full of emotion feeling and passion and will set the mood for projects that require a little more tenderness. If you are looking for a soundtrack for films about loved ones, relationships or tragic circumstances, you've come to the right place. We have sentimental music and emotional tracks well suited to productions dealing with sensitive issues like life and death.

  • Sports Extreme

    Sports Extreme A library packed full of sports music for videos, action movies and chase scenes. The best workout music with powerful upbeat rhythms giving an industrial feel and a feeling of travelling fast. These energetic tracks are the perfect music for surfing and skate videos on YouTube and daredevil extreme sports, mountain biking, athletic events, gymnastics and music for extreme video clips.

  • TV Show

    TV Show Production music for TV shows on day time television, tense music for quiz and game shows, serious music for the news, television advertising music for infomercials and the theme music for a TV series.

  • TV Themes

    TV Themes In this category we have new music soundtracks for sitcoms, music for TV soaps and shows on television. We also have tense music for hospital dramas gripping soundtracks for police reality shows and dramatic music for periodical dramas on TV. If you are looking for the opening theme music for a television series or soap opera similar to well known shows everybody loves like Friends of Eastenders then you have come to the right place.

  • Video Game Music

    Video Game Music A wide selection of music for video games from ambient atmospheres to a triumphant march, our library has the right music for every situation. Enhance worlds and environments with atmospheric soundscapes and epic orchestral music for battle scenes and war games. We also have a collection of alternative rock tracks would make great background music for a game trailer or promotional video.

  • World Music

    World Music Our Royalty free World music collection has influences, flavours and instruments from around the world. We have music from Africa, music from India and music from China and Japan. We also have many other world music styles from aboriginal didgeridoos to the Indian snake charmers Pungi and from the pulsing rhythms of the African drums to the oriental koto of Japan. Royalty free music from all over the world for use as background music for films, television and documentaries.

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